Photoshoot plan

MAIN TASK:  MY MAGAZINE PROPOSAL                                               Why?

Working title:


Molly Molly is a colloquial term for MDMA/ ecstasy often associated with clubs and extreme pleasure or an out of body feeling. The genre of hip hop often gives people a route of escapism helping them feel like they live their life most rappers do. For example ice cube ‘Gangster rap’.


Hip Hop The music genre is one of the base layers of most popular genres, it is one of the most popular and is the most influential.
Target Audience:


C2, D and E from the socio-economic group. Mainstreamers and aspires from Psycho-graphic group. This is where the main fans for the genre are based. However due to how versatile it is, can be enjoyed by anyone as it is seen to be a platform genre for people of any demographic to relate to. On the other hand the main target audience is seen to be unemployed, Students, low skilled workers


£5.99 It is a high value production magazine so any less could affect the quality of the magazine. Most of the best hip hop magazines are based around this price. It is probably due to the mass production of the magazine and the demand for it.
Convergence: Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter



Theses are the main social media links. Furthermore more, most of the people from the target audience of my magazine use these social media apps. It is also a platform where artists interact with fans also to promote their music through al sorts of means. For example challenges where people rap to the instruments of the beat for 1 minute and so on.


REPRESENTATION:                                                                                          Why?

Choice of model on front cover:



Divine Olubakinde




He fits to conventions of a hegemonic stereotypical male within the genre. A young black male with a low hair cut with expensive taste. Which in a working class family.


PHOTO-SHOOT FRONT COVER:                                                                 Why?




1.Against coloured backdrop

2.Against the city

1.  This is the conventional background for most is not all successful hip hop magazine backgrounds; the colour is usually grey probably as it barely conflicts with any other colour.

2. This could be due to the fact that most rappers use the term “not many make it from my hood” or “city on my back”




Jewelry Jewelry is often glamorized and could imply wealth which is also highly glamorized by people of the demographic of the fans.
Costume: All black or black and white




Different angles?


Mid shot


Presents whole attire or most of it. Again a way to present his riches which is a conventional as they usually wear or are paid to show off a brand.
Gestures/Body language:


Different poses?


Strong and stuck up Most of the rappers of this genre are very stuck up and or are presented to be arrogant as they have money and have to seem like they are the ‘topman’




PHOTO-SHOOT CONTENTS PAGE:                                                                            Why?

How many different set-ups?  Delete as appropriate.  Vary costume, props etc.




Against backdrop To crop models and put them behind a coloured background, specifically grey to conform top the norms of most hip hop genres


Divino He is a talented musician who took from a hip hop based genre.


Microphone To show that they are in the field of music
Costume: All black or Black and white


It is simple, and could connote many things related to hip hop such as being the dark horse, underdog many more connotations such as power




Just to see the facial expressions and the clothes worn
Gestures/Body language:


Covering mouth It suggests that they have seen enough or being quiet. As now days this is the phrase that is growing rapidly aswell. Moves in silence, doesn’t reveal his next steps. It is seen that people who talk less are most wise and are full of knowledge. ‘empty barrels make the most noise’.


  1. Why?


Against backdrop To crop models and put them behind a coloured background, specifically grey to conform top the norms of most hip hop genres




Some jewellery As this could suggest wealth and is usually linked with hip hop.
Costume: Green and black


Green is a really popular colour now a days and could connote a drug that is heavily affiliated with the genre


A long wide shot To see their full clothing from head to shoes
Gestures/Body language:


All straight no facial features or gestures This could connote that they are straight faced as they are concentrated on their business.





PHOTO-SHOOT DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD:                                                                Why?

How many different set-ups?  Delete as appropriate.  Vary costume, props etc.



In the city The city/ very close to the ‘hood’ which is usually the hometown of most rappers of that genre
Costume: All black or black and white




Long shot


Gestures/Body language:


Looking at mic/ enjoying music This could present them doing what they are good at.


  1.                                                                                                                                        Why?


Against a backdrop




Costume: All black or black and white


Close up


Just to present the facial expression of the rapper/ singer.
Gestures/Body language:


Screw faced Portrays arrogance

Feedback From Target Audience

Positive feedback

  • Most conventions were used
  • Good Alignment
  • website included
  • Date included


  • Bar code positioning
  • Background needs to change
  • use a variety of typography e.g. emboldened text, serif
  • House style needs to be more clear
  • colour of font
  • size of font
  • puff needs work

There are a lot of changes i need to do in order to perfect my magazine cover and contents page. There wasn’t that many positive feedback. However from this, I know what to keep in the front page and what not to.

Colour Scheme

gold monochrome


This is the colour scheme I will be using for my music magazine. I selected this colour scheme from adobe kuler. As I am close to the completion of my music magazine, I have decided to infuse my knowledge from a Hip Hop magazine’s colour scheme and the results from my target audience. Due to the fact that they are the ones who are going to read the magazine, I did not want to go against what they thought would make the magazine successful. The dark colours relate to the the hip hop genre, as its a genre usually consisting of an artist’s ‘dark times’, so this can also relate to the demographic of the target audience. Furthermore the gold themes suggest wealth and riches which is glamorized among the people of that demographic.

What I am interested in

  • I am very interested in the field of music especially the grime genre,  which is a sub-genre of hip hop. Link up tv is a platform where many new upcoming artists perform. This weeks outstanding performance goes to Big Tobz. In a day, he racked up 20k views, delivering an array of punch lines and great word play, that appeals to the grime demographic.big tobz music
  • In addition to the Big Tobz causing a big scene in the field of grime, the feud between chip and Bugsy Malone really help resemble the hip hip beefs and the overall genre. I find this extremely amusing due to the fact that it was like one long rally in a tennis match. Bugsy will send then chip will reply and vice versa. It got to the stage where although chip was the underdog, he still won due to his supporting fan base and his experience in the game.chip vs bugsy music
  • The Music of Black origin awards. Stormzy AKA the king of grime won the MOBO awards for the second year running for the best grime act 2014 & 2015.
  • These are all trends that I follow and keep up to date with as there are many things happening quickly as the genre is blooming due the these things that has just occurred.

stormzy music





I would like to use this font due to the fact that it has a unique way of presenting  letters and this reflects the stylistic aspects of the hip hop genre as they have different ways of portraying their massage.





I would like to use this font due to the fact that most hip hop magazines use a sans serif font and so therefore by using a sans serif font it would be conforming to the main conventions of that kind of genre reguaring those kind of magazines.



Music Questionnaire Results

setting music question

  • From this result, I can clearly tell that the target audience would prefer a coloured background as 64.71% chose this rather than something related to music its self like the studio or the stage, however this could also suggest that they have seen many other music magazines and they all have the same format/ background and are therefore used to it. In second place came a studio where only 29. 45 chose this, therefore it is highly likely that I will include this picture in the contents page instead of the front page.


audience feedback

  • From this research i now know what to use as the puff for the magazine. I used all the main conventions I saw on most hip hop magazines. although some didn’t have anything, i wanted to challenge the stereotype here of not having a puff whilst also conforming to the dynamic fluctuating evolution of the hi[ hop genre, always adding something to the type of music and then changing it giving the audience not only something interesting to read but also a chance to interact, also representing how today’s society is ever changing with people becoming more interactive.



appeal music question

  • From these results, I can craft the perfect sell lines that will make the magazine cover more appealing and applicable for the target audience. I can further create a cover story that is relevant to the music magazine. From this, I can also construct a good puff that will relate to what the target audience said in the question about what interests them more. From this I can also aim at the people of the demographics who are always up to date and are mainstreamers. As the results state that they would like to know more about new upcoming songs and artists 76.47%rather that submerging sub genres and older songs and artists 23.53%.

House Style


XXL is a hip hop based magazine, where they use artists that are established and usually at their peak of success. in the top article, they used Kendrick Lamar. in the front page, they had a close up of Kendrick Lamar against a pink, fading into, green background. you can tell that the production value is high due to the colours used and how it was used.

The fact that all they needed was a close up suggests that he is well known and recognisable. His facial expression is quite blunt and not so wild. He gives the impression of arrogance through his eyes.

Typography in the front page is sans serif and this could imply that their target audience is quite manly and straight to the point. The fact that they used a long quote from Kendrick himself shows his significance as it is the main cover story. the quote had a section where it is in bold and this was seen to be the most important part of it.

draft one front pagecollege contents page

This is my final college magazine. compared to the other college magazines, the only difference would be the location. I decided to go for a plain grey location. the target audience said to have a dark grey background behind the model, I think this came out successful as the grey isn’t too strong and overpowering. Most of the common conventions are in place, things such as the bar-code the sell lines, the cover story, date ect. Overall I am not am happy with the turnout, however the magazine still needs work in order to make it much better. for example the hair on the model stands out and seems out of place due to how bright it is. in addition the convergent links looks like it was just thrown on and not planned out. to conclude, the features and conventions of the magazine was presented and made the magazine seem professional, however it needed small touches to make it seem more realisic.

Self Assessment

What I need to work on for both front page and contents page;

Make House style clear and appropriate

Make convergent links more clear

The colour scheme don’t seem appropriate for the genre

Use better background to fit the genre

Positioning of sell lines and model needs improvement

Need bigger variety of pictures

Use different types of fonts to make the front page seem more visually appealing

Use all conventions puff, price, tagline ect