Audience feed back

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This is the magazine front page, contents, A side and B side, and the double page spread. I have not finished designing the drafts due to the fact that I would like more audience feed back to make them the best I possibly can. I have made drastic changes from the last drafts I uploaded. first of all the background colour and the overall colour scheme. From my previous target audience feedback, they said that I didn’t seem professional enough because of how the models were positioned. they said it looked like they have just been thrown on and it seemed dull and lifeless due to the grey background, therefore I decided to go to the first feedback I got to make that theme more ‘Dark and sophisticated’. hence the reason I made the background a more dark colour. I decided to position the models in a uniformed manor in the front page rather than the models tilted on the front page. this gave it a more professional aspect to the magazine, in addition, this added a more significant affect on the model as a result.