Final Forms



I decided to change and alter the whole content from my drafts ‘ the wicked Afro ‘ to ‘molly’ this is due to the fact that it didn’t conform to the genre of hip hop and more of Afro swing. The whole dark with the red sections all add to the general house style of the products. They compliment each other through this, not looking completely different furthermore its dark colours relate to the genre of hip hop. I took Inspiration from a lot of different magazines. They all seemed to have the common theme of the logo being bigger or overlapping the head of the main artist or featured artist. However a lot of the Hip Hop magazines had their masthead fully go across the top of the front page. I challenged the convention by placing it in the top left, this is due to the fact that i looked neater and furthermore the logo is an M. Which I manipulated by extending its right leg on Photoshop. So this gave a way for me to present the logo as well as the masthead. on the other hand I was heavily inspired by a contents page by the source with a well known hip hop rapper ‘ Ice-cube ‘. The source’s has a close of up ‘Ice-cube’s’ face, i didn’t want that to be the same case as you could fully see his face but I didn’t want that shown as it would have went against the whole dark theme. So as well as  using a picture with low lighting covering majority of his face, I manipulated the picture using Photoshop.


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