Feedback From Target Audience

Positive feedback

  • Most conventions were used
  • Good Alignment
  • website included
  • Date included


  • Bar code positioning
  • Background needs to change
  • use a variety of typography e.g. emboldened text, serif
  • House style needs to be more clear
  • colour of font
  • size of font
  • puff needs work

There are a lot of changes i need to do in order to perfect my magazine cover and contents page. There wasn’t that many positive feedback. However from this, I know what to keep in the front page and what not to.

draft one front pagecollege contents page

This is my final college magazine. compared to the other college magazines, the only difference would be the location. I decided to go for a plain grey location. the target audience said to have a dark grey background behind the model, I think this came out successful as the grey isn’t too strong and overpowering. Most of the common conventions are in place, things such as the bar-code the sell lines, the cover story, date ect. Overall I am not am happy with the turnout, however the magazine still needs work in order to make it much better. for example the hair on the model stands out and seems out of place due to how bright it is. in addition the convergent links looks like it was just thrown on and not planned out. to conclude, the features and conventions of the magazine was presented and made the magazine seem professional, however it needed small touches to make it seem more realisic.

Self Assessment

What I need to work on for both front page and contents page;

Make House style clear and appropriate

Make convergent links more clear

The colour scheme don’t seem appropriate for the genre

Use better background to fit the genre

Positioning of sell lines and model needs improvement

Need bigger variety of pictures

Use different types of fonts to make the front page seem more visually appealing

Use all conventions puff, price, tagline ect

College cover draft one

draft one

This is my first draft fro the college magazine. All the conventions are in place however the colours make it seem less professional, it is quite piercing and over powering. the pink strongly contrasts the dark background and so does the red. on the other hand, you can tell the house style is, the font and colours.

Selected Photos

I chose these pictures as they all have a direct mode of address breaking the fourth wall and appealing directly to the audience giving them a feeling that the model is looking directly at them. The lighting is good and the angle is a mid shot showing both the models facial expression, costume and the props he uses. the props are a black umbrella and a black school bag. These props are sophisticated and show off the college student’s lifestyle.


IMG_0874 IMG_0871 IMG_0911 IMG_0910

Rejected Photos

 I Chose not to use these pictures as the high key lighting isn’t appropriate for the magazine and it also wasn’t what the audience wants, this is evident in the questionnaire. Furthermore i think that a direct mode of address is needed for the front cover page as it breaks the fourth wall and appeals directly to to audience, making it more appropriate.



IMG_0884  IMG_0902